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Local SEO Services For Multiple Locations: Tips To Skyrocket Your Sales

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There are numerous methods for optimising your website for local search so that you can be found in multiple locations. Just as there are multiple ways to optimise, several penalties can be avoided if you engage in black-hat practices that violate Google’s guidelines.

By keeping a detailed record of your local SEO efforts, you can avoid duplication and make sure that you provide your clients with the best local SEO services. Also, if you learn the ins and outs of local SEO, you can help yourself by developing your own winning strategy instead of copying your competitors. This way, you can take proper care that you don’t get penalised for using shady SEO techniques.

What Is Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Local SEO uses strategies that help your website rank when people in a specific area search for your product or service. The end goal of local SEO strategies is to rank better for a local audience than a global one.

This complete guide on how to dominate your local search results will help you understand strategies to improve your brand’s visibility in the market.

Using these tips will help you move up in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and make it more likely that the people you want to find your local listing will do so.

Top Local SEO Tips For Businesses To Target Multiple Locations

Optimise Your Website For Local Search Traffic

. Optimise your meta tags (title and descriptions): You know, those things you see on SERPs that you read and click on to go from Google to another website? Local SEO can be helped a lot by optimising title tags and meta descriptions for “keyword + your city, state.”

. Optimise your website content: Just optimising your metadata won’t be enough to beat out competitors in your area. Make sure to optimise your website’s content for local searches. You will rank better locally if your service areas are close to relevant keywords. Your content should have a natural, conversational tone. Don’t sound like a robot trying to cram keywords and service areas everywhere.

. Optimise page titles: Instead of calling your page “Furnace Repair,” call it “Furnace Repair in Saratoga Springs, NY” if you’re a heating repair company in Saratoga Springs. Try changing the name of your service pages to “[Your Service] in [Your City], [State].”

. Make several pages for your products and services: You won’t show up in the top three search results for your whole service area if you don’t focus on each area separately. Make pages for each town or city you serve and each service you offer.

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Make Local Map Listing Of Each Business Location

If you have more than one location for your business, your Google My Business listings are the key to getting more customers. In the past year, 64% of people have used Google My Business to find a local business’s address or phone number. About 44% of the clicks that Google users make go to these listings.

People who want to know how to get to your store or office need your address first. This means Google and Bing as well! After you send your NAP to directories, be sure to claim your local map listing. If you do this, customers will be able to find you and see what the outside of your building looks like through Google Street View, even if they don’t know your neighbourhood or location.

Include Schema Markup Language On Your Website

The schema markup language is a type of universal website coding that is added to your website and recognised by all major search engines. Including Schema has a significant advantage because it tells search engines exactly what your web page is about. This ensures that search engines read your company’s information exactly how you want it to be read and provides more accurate local search listings on SERPs. To quickly create Schema markup language for your business, go to schema-creator.org.


Are you interested in learning how local SEO might help your company grow? Get in touch with local SEO professionals and understand how they are going to help you. Check local SEO packages of multiple companies and then go with the one that suits you best.

Why are you holding out? For a consultation with a local SEO specialist, get in touch with Surge Unlimited immediately. We collaborate with several companies, and we eagerly await hearing from you!

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