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Social Media DIY Bundle

Introducing the “Social Media DIY Bundle,” an affordable and comprehensive solution for individuals looking to establish a successful social media presence or learn the ropes of social media marketing to provide it as a service. This all-in-one digital package is perfect for businesses, influencers, and aspiring social media marketers, offering a wide range of user-friendly tools and resources to maximise your social media potential without breaking the bank.

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Resources included in the Social Media DIY Bundle are downloadable files, consisting of PDFs and Google Sheet documents, ensuring easy access and compatibility across various devices.

The Social Media DIY Bundle includes:

  1. Executive Guide to Boost Social Media Presence: Acquire a solid understanding of social media marketing through this informative and concise guide. Learn the fundamental elements of marketing and key strategies for success, enabling you to make well-informed decisions and create a strong online presence for yourself or your clients.
  2. Content Planner: Organise and plan your social media content effortlessly with our user-friendly Content Planner. Designed to help you schedule posts, identify themes, and stay organised, this planner ensures your social media game remains on point.
  3. Content Planner Instructions: Maximise the benefits of your Content Planner with our easy-to-follow instructions. We’ll guide you through the setup and usage process, guaranteeing a seamless and efficient content management experience.
  4. Social Media Audit Worksheet: Stay ahead of the competition with our Audit Worksheet, specifically created to help you analyse your competitors and gain valuable insights. Use this powerful tool to identify trends, find inspiration, and improve your own social media strategy or that of your clients.
  5. Social Media Audit Instructions: Learn how to effectively utilise the Audit Worksheet by following our step-by-step instructions. Master the art of assessing competition, gathering inspiration, and refining your social media approach for optimal results.
  6. 48 Social Media Post Ideas: Keep your content fresh and engaging with our collection of 48 unique and creative social media post ideas. These ideas will captivate your audience and ensure that your followers always have something interesting to look forward to.

The Social Media DIY Bundle offers an affordable way for individuals and aspiring social media marketers to create, manage, and grow a social media presence, or even to learn and provide social media marketing as a service without compromising on quality. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your online game, connect with your audience like never before, or kickstart your social media marketing career! Invest in the Social Media DIY Bundle today, and begin experiencing the advantages of a powerful and cost-effective social media strategy.


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