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SEO For Tradies: Ultimate Guide in 2022 To Improve Your Website For Local Search

SEO for tradies

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As a tradie, you know that a lot of your work comes from word-of-mouth. People see your truck around town, or they hear about you from a friend, and they give you a call when they need work done. But what about those people who don’t know you yet? How do you reach them?

One way to reach new customers is to make sure your website is enhanced for local search engine optimisation (Local SEO). When people in your area are searching for a tradie, you want to rank your website to the top and ranking high as possible on the first page of google search results. But how do you do that? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about SEO marketing for tradies as we’ll expand on how your business can benefit from SEO and tips for tradies on how to improve your website for local search.

Why do Local Tradies Need Digital Marketing?

There are a few key reasons why local tradies need marketing online. It is a great way to reach out to potential customers who may not be aware of your business otherwise. Tradies should know that SEO companies can help you to build up a stronger reputation and brand awareness, both of which are important for any business. Implementing digital marketing SEO strategies can be a great way to drive traffic to your website or blog, which can in turn lead to more customers and sales. If you’ve been looking into building your online presence so that customers can find your business then we’ve got you covered with our digital marketing strategies specifically designed to get your tradie business quality leads.

What are the benefits of SEO for tradies and contractors?

SEO can be extremely beneficial for tradies, contractors, and small businesses as it can help them to get their business name and website in front of potential customers who are searching for their services online. SEO can help to increase website traffic, leads, and sales for tradies and contractors, and it can also help them to build trust and credibility with potential customers. SEO is a long-term marketing strategy that requires ongoing effort and commitment, but it can be a very effective way for tradies and contractors to market their businesses online. If your website is not ranking well and you’re looking for ways to improve your tradie or contractor website to rank higher in search engines like google, we have some top tips for you

What is Organic Traffic and its difference between Paid Advertisements

There are two main types of traffic that you can generate for your website: organic traffic and paid traffic. Organic traffic is traffic that you generate naturally through SEO and marketing efforts. Paid traffic is traffic that you pay for, typically through PPC or other paid advertising methods.

So, which is better? Organic traffic or paid traffic?

The answer really depends on your goals and your budget. Ultimately there are many advantages to improving your SEO and increasing your organic traffic, including long-term results, the highest quality of organic traffic, the most effective way to generate qualified leads, and the best overall return on investment.

Improving your Search Engine Optimisation is a marathon, not a sprint. You can better align with Google and improve your position in google result pages by improving your SEO over time. But for some companies that may not be enough, waiting for months or years to achieve desired placement isn’t always realistic. Paid advertising placements may cost less for an immediate ROI and can help support SEO goals long term. However when investing in paid advertisements, if your tradie website isn’t set up correctly for lead conversions and basic SEO has not improved – all time, money, and efforts could be wasted if your audiences are leaving shortly after visiting your site. Ensure you’re set up for success with our digital marketing solutions through our SEO services for tradies.

Learning the inner workings of SEO is vital to online success.

A quick brief to better understand how SEO works, SEO is the process of enhancing a website for Google search with the goal of earning higher web traffic levels and improving the visibility of the site. The main components of SEO are keyword research, on-page technical SEO optimisation, and off-page optimisation. 

Part of our SEO routine starts with keyword research, which is the process of finding and selecting the keywords or search phrases your ideal customer may be using to find your services and that you want your site to rank for in Google search. Once you have the right keywords, we create content around search terms and implement content into relevant website pages and into on-page SEO elements such as meta titles and descriptions.

Off-page SEO is the process of improving a website by making sure the site has high-quality backlinks also known as link building. This can be done by creating great content that other potential websites will want to link to, or by reaching out to other site owners and asking them to link to your site. 

Understand and Know Your Local Customers

The first step in optimising your website for local search is to get to know and understand your local customers. Who are they? What are their needs? What are their pain points? What search terms may be used to find services that your business is offering? When you know who your customer is, you can start to create content that speaks to them. You can also create targeted campaigns and ads that will reach them where they are.

Enhance Your Website for Local Search

Next, you need to make sure you focus on local SEO. There are a few things you can do to make sure your website can get to the top of Google when people in your area are searching for a tradie. Use local keywords: When you’re creating content for your website, be sure to use local keywords. For example, if you’re a plumber in Brisbane, you want to use the keyword “plumber Brisbane” throughout your website. This will help improve your website’s visible positioning in google search. Enhance your Google My Business (Now known as Google Business Profile) page: Claiming and optimising your Google Business Profile page is another way to improve your ranking in search results. Be sure to fill out all the information on your page, and add photos and reviews. Let Your Customers Know You’re Local In addition to optimising your website for local search, you also want to let your customers know that you’re a local business. There are a few ways to do this. Add your location to your website: Make it easy for customers to find your location by adding your address to your website. You can also add a map to your website so customers can see exactly where you are. Add local landmarks to your ads: When you’re creating ads, be sure to include local landmarks. This will help customers realise that you’re a local trade business, and it will make your ad more relevant to them.

Use Local Keywords on Your Website

In addition to using local keywords throughout your website, you also want to use them in your website’s titles and meta descriptions. This will help improve your website’s ranking in local SEO.

Utilise Your Google Business Profile Page

As we mentioned before, optimising your GBP (Formerly known as Google My Business) page is a great way to improve your ranking locally. Be sure to fill out all the information on your page, add photos, and be active and responsive to any customer reviews. Google reviews are important for your business and, as such, should not be neglected. However, all too often we see businesses getting positive reviews but not responding to them in any way. The same goes for negative reviews…for more on that below! A simple thank you or disclaimer showing that the positives are appreciated is necessary after a five-star review arrives. Responding shows potential customers reading the reviews that they’re valued—an important marketing appearance of any company trying to present itself as a professional one.

SEO for tradies

Create Helpful Local Content to boost your online presence

In addition to using local keywords, you also want to create helpful local content. This could be anything from a blog post about the best tradie businesses in your area to a guide on how to find a good tradie.

Build Citations for Local SEO

Citations are mentions of your business name, address, and phone number on other website directories. The more citations you have linking back to your website, the higher your ranking will be in local search results.

Promote Your Local Business Online

In addition to optimising your website for local search, you also want to promote your local business online. There are a few ways to do this. Create a Google Ad: Google Ads are a great way to reach potential customers in your area. Be sure to target your ad so it’s only shown to people in your area. Add your business to directories: There are a number of online directories where you can add your business. This will help quality le find you when they’re searching for a tradie in your area.

Monitor Your Local SEO Efforts

Finally, you want to monitor your local SEO efforts to see what’s working and what’s not. You can do this by tracking your website’s traffic and your ranking in the results pages or with specialised SEO tools. Conclusion: These are just a few SEO tips for tradies on how to improve your website for local search. By following these tips, you’ll be sure to reach new customers in your area. Consult with a Professional SEO provider for the best results.

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